smashman usa (8)
loggerboots in NYC (6)
mountainofmuscle LA (8)
toys4sneaks in LA (11)
nose4socks in SD (9)
bootmat4u in SD (8)
tjsf in SF (8)
azcrushed in p (10)
smashman CA (8)
tjfsf1 facestanding (5)
Toys4Sneakers (7)
NoseForSocks LA (8)
XZone florida (8)

our sneaker sessions in NYC, LA, SF, Phoenix, San Diego and Miami from 2004 to 2008.

1. Masters in the USA

stand and trample on smashman during our trip in california. for example in Sedona - the red rocks in arizona in remembrance of smashman

2. Masters in the USA

trampling with boots on loogerboots in NYC

3. Masters in the USA

bondage sneaks and socks session with toys4sneaker in LA

5. Masters in the USA

no chance... stand on the hands from bootmatt4you on a rock in san diego

4. Masters in the USA

trampling on back and hands on mountainofmuscle in LA

6. Masters in the USA

facesitting and trampling on azcrushed in phoenix.

7. Masters in the USA

dirty sneaks and smelly socks session with nose4socks in san diego

8. Masters in the USA

stand on the face from tjsf in pacifica near SF .

10. Masters in the USA

trampling and facestanding on our slave tjfst in SF

12. Masters in the USA

our slave noseforsocks lick our shoes and feets in anaheim


Mein Gästebuch

9. Masters in the USA

jumps on smashman on our tour through california in remembrance of smashman

11. Masters in the USA

our slave toys4sneakers lick and sniff our sneaks clean in LA

13. Masters in the USA

ready to serve - a long sitting session with our slave XZone in florida

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