Sneakerboy Brian (now in four parts!)

(Story from osha)

the first part

When i was fifteen I lived in a housingblock with a shared portal. We all used to put our shoes outside on a rack by our door. I had these nike airmax which i wore everyday, playing football (european, i think you call it sooccer). So they'd be very dirty in the evening. After a while I noticed that they would be clean the next day!! I was wondering about that, I knew that no one in my family would clean them.

One night I tried to find out who cleaned my shoes, only I was too late. But what I found was a good dose of cum inside my nike airmax! That got me curious, can tell you. I began to think who this person could be. The next day I felt strange, walking in the sneaker that someone had come in! I tried to mess up my shoes even more, see how clean they could be, ran trough a lot of mud. Stepped in chewing gum.

I sat behind the door and waited because nobody was home I could. I looked trough the spyglass and saw the boy next door approaching.... He looked around to see if anyone was there and took my shoes from the rack and went outside. I waited and followed him as he went to a shed. When I opened the door he was naked, had one shoe on his dick and another pressed to his face!! He was licking my shoesoles and moaning aloud! When he saw me he got shitscared!

I flt very strange, can't really explain, told him to take of the shoes i was wearing, as he did, and put my airmax on. he did it. I told him to kneel down and kis the upside of the airmax, he did it. I told him to lick the upside, he did it. That's when I felt power!! I told him to lie on his back, put my sole in his face and told him to lick! as he did everything I said i felt soo good!! I let him lick my shoes and told him same time again tomorrow.Back home I masturbated, and ideas in my head got worse..., I'll tell you more next time. I enslaved that boy, I even let him lick other boys shoes for money! He became my total doormat and footslave, had him trampled by groups for cash and everything....

The next day I was waiting for him in the shed. I had the same socks on I wore the day before.When he entered the shed I knew it, he was going to be my total footslave. He had his chance, but he turned up. I wanted to be cruel and live out my fantasies. I had always wondered what it would be like to stand on someone, or use them as my skateboard. so this was my chance.I told him to kneel and lick my shoes. He did not know that i had peed on the streets and walked trough it. So when I told him to lie on his back so he could clean my soles he was licking my piss!

He licked and licked and suddenly I could not resist, I stepped on his chest. It felt strange, it was hard to get grip. He moaned under my weight. Power rushed trough me as istepped off and told him to take his sweater off. He did it and I stepped on him again. Now it felt even better. I walked around and saw a perfect red footprint in his chest. It wasn't enough for me though, I wanted more. I took off my shoe and my sweaty socks smeeld bad. I put my foot in his face, while still standing on his chest. he could hardly breathe but i put on more weight on his face and stood on it!! This was soo great, I felt that I could do whatever I wanted to him. I told him to kiss my bare feet and lick them. He must have liked that because I saw his dick growing in his pants. I put my shoe back on and stepped on his legs, next to his crotch. Then I rubbed my foot on his dick looking at his face which was both pain and pleasure. I made him shoot his load in his pants and left him lying thereall dirty from his come and my shoes.I told him same time next day, things got harder and harder then....

the second part

I had trampled my doormat for a year and a half and was almost eighteen. I got bored with my doormat and wanted to get rid of him. there was nothing i could do to him that i had not already done. So i thought of a special goodbye treat for him. He did not know a thing, he was a good little slave, he came to my house and i told him to lie behind the door waiting for me to get home.

I went outside and two of my friends and i played football. Needles to say that our sneakers became very dirty. When we were finished i asked them to come home with me and have a drink.As i opened the door they saw my mat lying there.

"What is he doing there" asked Robin? He's my doormat, come on, wipe your feet, i replyed. "Yeah right, like we are gonna do that" Robin and Mike replyed. Come on I said forcefully. Laughingly Mike softly wiped his dirty adidas shoe size 12 on my mat. Come on, i said, you can do better than that. Let me show you. I stepped on my mat's back and wiped my dirty airmax roughly. My mats white t-shirt turned black from all the dirt.

Jeez said Robin, can I do that too? How did you get him to lie down like that? He's my total doormat i said. He'll do anything i want. Robin wore the oldest nike shoes you have ever seen, totally dirty and very worn. He stepped on my mat's back and allmost fell of because he couldn't keep his balance. When he stood still he grinned. Cool!! He said, this is sooo cool, standing on someone. He wiped his feet and got off.

You want to try?, i asked Mike, nah, i'll leave it. I don't wanna hurt him. We went into the living room and mikes shoes left traces on the floor. Lick it clean I ordered my mat. He licked the floor clean. Robin got really into it but mike was quiet. When he had cleaned the floor i ordered some drinks and crisps. My mat went to the kitchen and got it for us. What else does he doe Robin wanted to know. Whatever I want, I said. Wanna have some fun? yes! Robin said. Mike was still quiet.

Mat came back with the drinks. Kneel down, I ordered him. Lick my sneakers and make sure that they are absolutely clean. Robin looked amused as he started to lick my soles, and they were dirty. he swallowed every bit of dirt from both my shoes. Then he started the old nikes from robin. Can I make him smell my shoes, robin aked? I have been wearing them all week. Of course, i said. Robin took his shoes of and told him to kneel and put his nose in one. he did it. I Pressed my feet on the back of his head and let him sniff robin's shoes.

I pressed my feet on his head and made him sniff Robin's shoes. He breathed heavily and I let his head loose from the inside of Robin's nikes. Shit, Robin said, this is soo cool. Can we play with him some more? Yeah, I said. First it's Mike's turn. Put your shoe in his face Mike. Mike hesitated but we encouraged him, so I made the mat lie on the floor and told Mike to put his shoesole in the mats face. Then something happened. We saw a big bulge in Mikes pants as the mat started swallowing the dirt from mikes shoes. Mike was turned on!! Are you ok, I asked Mike and he looked at me. Yeah, he said.

Can I stand on him? be my guest, i said. we let the mat take of his pants and shirt and he lay ther in his underwear. Mike stepped on his chest and his dick was rockhard trough his boxer. His size twelve Adidas left a good print in the matts body, who also had a hard dick. Robin and I watched as mike zipped his pants and started masturbating. His big sneaker moved slowly unto the mats dick. The mat groaned in agony bust still he liked it i guess, cause i heard him sigh. I took off my sneakers and put my socked feet on his face, making him smell my socks. Mike was bouncing his foot on the mats dick and balls, robin stepped on his chest. The three of us were hard at it, on our mat who was now crying out in pain, suddenly the mat shocked and we looked at his dick. The come spurted out of his dick, underneath mikes shoe. Mike came too, his cum landed on the mats chest. Shit, said Mike, I needed that.....

We made the mat lick mikes shoes and send him home.Untill we needed his services again and i started making money out of him by selling his services.

the third part

Sometimes you just know that someone is staring at your feet. And I had that feeling in the underground. I had just come from work and was wearing my old nikes, the sole was completely worn and they were very dirty. I had my new nike TN's in my sportsbag. As I stepped into the underground a man kept looking at my feet. He sat in a four seats place, which was fully seated.

As you know, trampling is my hobby. And nothing feels better than a new doormat for me to use, so I am always on the lookout for a ne one. I looked at the man arrogantly and he again lowered his eyes at my feet. I sarted moving my feet, making stepping movements. The man swallowed and kept looking.

A woman got off the underground so i seated myself opposite the man. at first I just kept looking at him. He could not look me in the eye so he looked at my feet. I wanted to humiliate him a bit in public, so I placed my feet next to his leg on the seat. I could see his jeans getting a bulge. I started pushing my shoe againt his jeans, rubbing off the dirt a bit. Everyone in the underground pretended not to look. Then i put my feet between his legs. pushed against his crotch. He did not say anything. I kept pushing and his dick exploded, right then and there in the underground. I could see that he had shot his load. I told him to kiss my nikes, he did and I got off the underground, leaving him and all the people there. I gave him my mailadres so he could contact me.I couldn't wait to stand on him.

I recieved an e-mail from him the next day. We agreed to meet in a park that evening. I had a very busy day and could not wait to release my frustration on this doormat. From what i had seen in the underground he was very submissive. This meant that i could be cruel. I would wear my most painful shoes. I stood before my shoerack and looked. My military boots? hmm. nice. Nike total 90's? they have a very mean profile.

Then i saw my cleats. My very dirty cleats form that sunday. Shit! that would be it!I took them with me and left for the park. He was there already when i arrived. I put on my cleats and saw his look. That was a good feeling, looking at someone that knows you are gonna be his master for the next half hour. There was a lot of mud and grass on my size 11 nike cleats. We left for a quiet place, behind trees and bushes and I told him to kneel. he did. I told him to kiss and clean the upside of my cleats, and het did. He was trying to get of lightly because there was still some dirt on them. I cannot stand that so i kicked him in the balls. Just to show him who's boss.

He cried but started to clean my cleats properly. I wanted my soles clean as well so i told him to lie on his back. This was really cruel and his mouth was full of dirt. This was a turn on for me. It took him a long time but he did it.

I stepped on his chest and he moaned under my weight and my shoes. damn this felt good! I walked in place and my mobile phone rang. It was my girlfriend and we talked while i was still walking on his chest. Unknowingly i " accidently" stepped on his crotch and he cried. I still chatted. then i lighted a sigarette and touched his chin and lips with the cleads. I looked him straight in the eye and saw him looking. He asked me not to do it, but i did it anyway. I stepped on his face full weight. I had mercy, i did not stay there for a long time. But the marks were clearly in his face.

I told him to take of his shirt and stepped on his back and again on his chest, leaving red marks, it felt very good, he had a firm body and my shoes sank deep in his flesh. I took of the cleats and had my very smelly socks for him, pressing them in is face. he was gasping for breath, so i took my foot from his mouth. Then pressed again. The socks were the ones that i had played soccer in so they smelled very bad...

If you have ever stood on someones face with bare feet you will know that that is a great feeling. I stood there for a pretty long time, i can tell you. I stood there while I smoked another cigarette. Then agin on his chest, and I put my socks and shoes on again.

I walked to his dick again to finish him off but a ball came behind the
bushes. Kids were playing football and came for their ball. They saw us and laughed. There were four of them. They were about 17, 18 years old.Wanna try? i asked, wie your feet on him. they did it, four boys with their dirty footwear. At one time he had nike airmax in his face, Puma sprints on his dick and adidas on his chest. And me looking at him.

Make sure you don't kill him, i said as i left him with the boys.....

the fourth part

Brian, now let me tell you, after you have broken a doormat things get boring, so I thought about making a little money on my doormat. Then I thought of those tupperware parties my mum always used to go to and thought of a clean sneaker party.

I worked out the idea and invited fifteen friends on a friday night when no
one was home. I told my mat that I would be having a friend or two over and that I required his services.

The doormat rang the bell and I let him in my room:

everyone, this is the doormat, the guy I told you about. Everybody looked at him, the doormat I shall give a demonstration I said. Evrybody can get their turn, the fee is 25.

Lie down, I told him, without even thinking about him. This doormat is
perfect for the cleaning of your shoe. Take off the shirt. it can also
give you a foot massage. And it is mine so don't be affraid, do what you want on him. everyone has 10 minutes. if you want extra time you pay extra.

Now, let me show you. ( adapting a tell sell tone of voice) as I got a
very dirty pair of sneakers. The dirtiest the doormat had had ever seen.
Look at these sneakers, I continued. You may think they will never get
clean. But with this special doormat, trained by me, you will get these
sneax as new.

I put on the sneakers. Ok, first you step on the doormats chest, when his
shirt is off. You wipe your feet in the mat, ( I was wiping real hard,
still acting as if I was in a tell sell commercial) The dirt was on the
doormats chest.

The worst dirt is off now. Continue by turning him on his back, use
his hair to get most off. ( I stood on his back and wiped his shoes in the hair of my doormat

While Iwas giving this demonstration everybody was cheering and laughing.

So, as I took the doormat by his hair and turned him on his back again, look at my threads: there is still dirt on it. How are we ever going to get it  off? The boys cheered, let him lick it!!

I stepped on his dick, balls and walked to his chest. I stood there for a
while and showed the guys the prints he made. Tonights contest is who makes the coolest prints does not have to pay for the session. Everybody laughed.

Now the soles, put one foot in the face of the doormat and he wil give the
threads a thorrow cleaning. The doormat had to had to lick and swallow
all.when he was finished I showed my shoes to the crowd who applauded. Now you can use the doormat for anything. If youre tired after sporting and your feet hurt, use the face of the doormat to massage your feet. Just step on his face without shoes ( I did this) and walk in place. If your feet need a
good massage just stand on his dick and walk.( while I demonstrated this the doormats dick grew and the crowd went wild, as I barefooted trampled bhis dick and balls.) for the rest the mat is yours, everyone has ten minutes....

People lined up to use my mat and i earned a lot of money.



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