The Perfect Sneaker Crime

Author: Dalton from brasil

It was a ordinary day here in Santos (a Brazilian city). I woke up and made the same things that i always do every morning: washed my face, brushed my teeth, eated my breakfast and i was ready to throuw away the garbage. I live in a nice bulding and the dust-cart pass on my street every morning.

In my bulding there's a cute dude nammed Marcelo and he's the houseman. Every day i saw him using an old and dirty sneaker size 43 and i really desired to fuck and suck that nasty boy and his cheap sneakers.

When i was walking to throuw away the garbage i saw Marcelo shoeless!!! He was going to clean the second floor. Immediately i ran to my flat, took a bag and came back to the first floor. I was walking, looking for some place that i could find the Marcelo's sneakers and then i looked to a small door. I opened the door and my eyes could not bealive it: the sneakers was there, waiting to be mine, ALL MINE!!!!

I quickly openned the bag, took the smeally dirty sneakers and put then in the bag. My heartbeating was so fast, because someone could see me doing this delicious crime. But everything was doing sooooo well!

Well, i walked to the street and came back to my flat two hours later. And i saw him, walking without the sneakers. I talked about the hot weather and he asked me if i saw a sneaker. I answered that i had not saw any sneakers. He pulled me by my right arm and talked at my ear "that's ok, dude! I'm happy bacause you gonna fuck my sneakers soooo well!!!". I looked at him and he said "i know about your sneakerfetish, i saw many sneakersex pics  on your garbage and i'm ready to give you my feet, my ass, my hole, my cock, my mouth, my everything, including my sneakers.... let's go to your flat and you gonna suck me, i'm gonna fuck you, you gonna lick my sneakers and my feet, and you gonna suck my cock and my asshole... "

We ran at my flat and my bed was ready to the best sex of the year!!!!



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