sniffermuc bdge (10)
fussibaer bdge (12)
skatersau bdge (12)
bootboy bdge (12)
toys4sneakers bdge (13)
26sk8erboy bdge (12)
bootboy bdge (11)

bondage sessions with trampling, facesitting, spanking, shoes, socks and feet sniffing and licking pics

1. skatersau bdge session

I enchain the hands and feets of skatersau, so he has no chance and he must lick and sniff my smelly sparta shoes

2. sniffermuc bdge session

osirisskater and I enchain our slave and let him lick and sniff our used D3 2001 and smelly socks

3. fussibaer bdge session

I enchain my feetslave fussibaer and he will do all for me and my used etnies vallely

4. bootboy bdge session

my tied up prey will clean and sniff my used nike af 1

5. nike BW bdge session

we enchain toys4sneakers and he will lick my spit of my nike BW’s

6. chucks bdge session

I enchain 26sk8erboy and he will lick and sniff my leather chucks and then I spank him...

7. nike bdge session

I enchain bootskin and he will worship my used and worn nike shox R4...


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